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Sonia Rubinsky  © Joao Chimentao
Critique Sonia Rubinsky Almeida Prdao

" "By turns complex and carrying in its orchestral sounds, the work is a powerful evocation of the strength and mystery of the rising sun. Well matched with the excellent OFMG, Sonia Rubinsky's lively performance is rich in contrasts: she finds tremendous clarity in the fragments of melody that sparkle in the upper parts of the keyboard and bring ferocious energy to the work's driving rhythms and thunderous cluster chords."


                                  Classical Music: BBC Music Magazine

     " ... Pianist Sonia Rubinsky has a phenomenal technique, an immeasurable color palette and an irrepressible temperament. She reminds her colleague Martha Argerich."


                  , Elisabeth Deckers

Sonia Rubinsky © Isabela Senatore

        "On record, few Brazilian pianists show a versatility comparable to that of Sonia Rubinsky, born in Campinas. (...) our pianists seem a little intimidated to put their Bach readings back on the microphone. After the titanic effort of João Carlos Martins and the refined albums of Jean Louis Steuerman, only Nelson Freire's recent and isolated album for Decca has entered my radar. And now, fortunately, Sonia Rubinsky, after the "Brazilian Bach" Villa-Lobos, has decided to devote herself to the German Baroque master, with an album that makes us listen to Bach like we never did.


     Rubinsky's pianism is neither eccentric nor boring with rigour: it shows sobriety and good taste, bringing all the refinement that our ears of the 21st century require from the interpretation of 18th century music.What is also original and unheard of is the concept of the album. (Editor's note: Suite reinvented by the pianist)


    The good news is that the series will have two other volumes that will be released in October: Magna Sequentia II, with various dance pieces, and Magna Sequentia III (Editor's note: published only as a playlist by Naxos), including chorales, excerpts from the Well-Tempered Clavier and even a transcription of Rubinsky herself. I can't wait to hear them!       


                                                                                                          Irineu Franco Perpétuo - Revista Concerto


 " ... She has the perfect touch and style for Villa-Lobos"

                                  Paul Shoemaker,

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