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Sonia Rubinsky  © Joao Chimentao

  "The climax was reached with the impact of the Rudepoema's almost visceral virtuosity.  Sonia Rubinsky gave us a superb performance, characterized both by the flexibility of the right arm, active, with extreme speed, by repressed and bouncing movements; by the seemingly indefatigable and nervous flow of energy; by an amazing, powerful and precise movement of the hand crossing and especially by the lightning effects of the "martellato" on the keyboard, thus obtaining vigorous and brilliant sounds."          Will Crutchfield,                                                                                                                                       The New York Times.

 "Ms. Rubinsky's sound is crystalline and her ability extraordinary.


She deserves to be one of Mozart's master pianists (Perahia, Uchida and Brendel), because she knows the difference between Mozart's vowels and sounds: playing rhythmically and even in a powerful way; but, at the same time, with a fluidity that makes the listener forget that the sounds of the piano occur at the moment when the hammer hits the strings."                                   


Richmond Times- Dispatch. 


"Ah!   What a temperament! "

        A. Rubinstein

Sonia Rubinsky  © Isabela Senatore

         " Brazilian pianist Sonia Rubinsky was the soloist of Mozart's concert in D minor. The first and third movements were muscular but carefully controlled, a mixture of brilliance and depth, steel precision diluted in a velvety sound. The andante "Romance" was sung softly, the melodic line floated easily, without exaggeration or pathos over the strings of the orchestra."           


          Springfield Union News.

 "... through a precise technique and a flexible phraseology, the pianist has demonstrated a musicality that goes beyond the linear meaning of the text, revealing in depth the composer's message. "

                                       Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

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